If you are a contract worker in Canada and your contract has come to an end, you may be wondering if you are eligible to collect employment insurance (EI). The answer to this question is dependent upon several factors.

Firstly, you must have been paying into the EI system while you were working. This means that your employer has been deducting EI contributions from your paycheque, and remitting them to the government on your behalf. If you have not been paying into EI, then you will not be eligible to collect benefits.

Assuming that you have been paying into EI, the next factor to consider is the reason for the end of your contract. If your contract was terminated without cause, or if it expired naturally and was not renewed, then you may be eligible to collect EI. However, if your contract was terminated for cause (e.g. you were fired for misconduct), you will not be eligible for benefits.

Another factor to consider is the length of your contract. To be eligible for EI, you must have worked a certain number of hours in the previous year. This number varies depending on your region and the unemployment rate in your area, but is generally around 420-700 hours. If your contract was short or part-time, you may not have accumulated enough hours to qualify for EI.

It is important to note that even if you meet all of these eligibility criteria, there may still be a waiting period before you can begin collecting benefits. The waiting period is generally one week, during which time you will not receive any payments. Additionally, the amount of EI that you receive will depend on your earnings history and the duration of your contract.

In conclusion, if your contract has ended and you have been paying into EI, you may be eligible to collect benefits. However, eligibility is dependent upon several factors, including the reason for the end of your contract, the length of your contract, and the number of hours worked in the previous year. It is important to consult with a qualified professional or to contact Service Canada to determine your eligibility for EI.